Kids Favorite Toy Truck – Battat Fire Truck


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Kids Favorite Toy Truck – Battat Fire Truck

Truck Size: 11.75 long x 5.75 wide x 7.75 high.

One toy set Includes: 2 people, 1 fireman, 1 construction, 1 extending ladder and tilt open hood.


- Cab tilts to access removable driver.

- The ladder pivots to upright position.

- One fireman can sit on top of the ladder while the second fireman rides on the back of the truck.

- All in excellent played with condition

Suitable for Kids Age: 1 1/2+

Gross Weight: 2.77 lbs .

UPC No.: 062243124523

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Perfect Kids Toy Gift for This Summer Vacation — Kids Powered Air Rockets


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Kids Powered Air Rockets  


Who doesn’t love bubbles and what kid doesn’t enjoy stomping around outside?


What if you could combine the excitement of a stomp rocket and the classic giggle fun of bubbles into one really cool kid powered stomp/bubble device?


Oh wait, Funrise already did that – with this kids powered air rockets, somewhere named as ‘Gazillion Bubble Rocket’.


The rocket toy comes unassembled and includes an 8oz. bottle of Gazillion bubbles. It took the Crew literally a minute and a half to put the rocket together, fill with bubble liquid, and get stomping. And stomp they did.


Bubbles are just for little ones, right? Wrong! All ages enjoyed playing. The best results we had were from our moderate stompers, who produced a steady high flying rocket with a solid trail of bubbles. The heavy footed stompers sent our rocket to the moon, but had barely any bubbles. And our tiny tappers only made it up a few feet, with a few bubbles.


We were surprised at how well it actually did work, because so many bubble accessories look like they will add a cool new twist to bubble blowing, then wind up being disappointing. This simple yet wonderful design really works!


We did get quite a bit of spray from the rocket as it took flight, but no one really cared much. Bubbles are an outside, often messy play experience anyway. (The stomp rocket can be used with or without the bubble solution if you’d like.)


In short, the Kids Powered Air Rockets is a real blast, but is a fun educational experience, as well.


Kid-powered air rockets are an excellent example of learning through play. Your kids won’t have the slightest idea that they are absorbing the basic fundamentals of force and aerodynamics, cause and effect and, of course, the science of bubbles.


What’s more, this perfect summer gift toy gets your kids playing outside and helps enhance large motor skills, thinking, and problem solving. Did we mention enjoying lots of laughs? Or generally having a grand ole time with the Kids Powered Air Rockets? We certainly do.


Kids Toy: Gazillion Bubble Rocket


Supplier: Funrise Toy Inc.


Suitable for kids age: 6+ years


Price for sale online: $16.99US


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BMW Baby Racer II – A Cool BMW Race Car for Kids


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BMW Baby Racer II – A Cool BMW Race Car for Kids


Recently BMW introduced a new kids toy car – Baby Racer II, and with the purpose of satisfy kids wishes of being a driver themselves. With this Baby Racer II kids can experience real two wheel driving, as well as can experienced the feelings as a real driver when swerving the car and using the electronic front light, rear light and signal lights…


The BMW Baby Racer II is a kids “BMW” car designed specially for kids ages between 1.5 years and 3 years, the BMW Baby Racer II has abolished the accelerator very avant-garde, and use kids two legs as the only power sources, so it is environmental protection and safe.


BMW Baby Racer II is a patented design of BMW, with BMW logo, streamlined car body, unique spoiler, the specially designed steering wheel integrated operating level, sport wheels, coupled with the dark green car body, all radiates out charming sheens everywhere.


The BMW Baby Racer II only weights 4.5kg, measures 28 inches long, 13inch wide and 17inch high, it is such a cute size that it is very easy to find a parking place. The design inspiration of BMW Baby Racer II is come from the true BMW Mobil service car, whose front & rear lights and instruments all can working practically.


BMW Baby Racer II is equipped with four soft rubber tyres, super quiet, and equipped with ability of pass through and comfort into one, whether in kitchen or in bedroom, whether indoors or outdoors, the kids can drive it as if run on a flat ground. Moreover, the most important thing is that BMW Baby Racer II is not sold for a high price, it only need you spend 79 Euros (approx. RMB 751Yuan), and then your kids can push themselves and act as a small driver in the kindergarten proudly.


Suitable for kids age: 1.5+  years


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The Most Lovable Robot Toy for Kids III – Robot Who Can Play Violin


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Robot Who Can Play Violin


Recently the Toyota company in Japan developed a new type of robot toy who can play violin, the 1.5 meters high robot toy, has two legs, can not only play music “Pomp And Circumstance March ” with his manipulators, but also his body can swings along with the music rhythm.


What’s more, the robot toy has a good appearance and is looked to be imposing. You can call him a handsome guy.


According to introductions of a staff of the Toyota company, now between human beings and robots there’s a good relationship have been established, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, robots will able to provide more and better service to humanity and society. The research and development of service type robot will become one of main tasks of  the Toyota company in the future…


Suitable for kids age: 7+ years


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