Sturdy Plastic Toy Set – Chubbie Vehicles Bucket


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Kids Toy Online - Chubbie Vehicles Bucket

Sturdy Plastic Toy Set – Chubbie Vehicles Bucket


- Bucket size: 8″ X 8″ X 7.5″

- 15 Chubbie vehicles are practically indestructible.

- Dishwasher safe and big enough for small hands.

- Each vehicle measures 4″ long.

- Comes in assorted colors and a variety of vehicles.

 Great Educational & Practical Toy for Kids:

* Create a sense of bonding as you sit on the floor and roll the vehicle back and forth to each other.

* With this educational toy, you can improve your kid’s language skills by adding words to your actions, like “car,” “drive,” and “go fast.”

* Your little kid can practice making the sounds of these vehicles as they zoom about town.

* Pretend the fire engine has a siren, the truck beeps as it backs up, the car goes vroom!

* You can lay blocks out across the floor to create a mini-town or highway to drive down.

* Bring out people from other play sets to take rides in the vehicles. Maybe teddy bear becomes a fireman for the day. Or maybe the truck can carry his/her toys.

* Let your kid’s imaginations drive his/her playtime.

* Invite friends over and have a race with two vehicles or more,this will improve your kid’s social skills.

“Vroom, vroom…trains, planes & cars!” What kids doesn′t love vehicles? Teach your little kids about all of the different ones in this toy set. This is a parent favorite as well because of the chubbie bucket is easy for clean-up and storage!

I sure your little kid will love these sturdy plastic cars very much.

Price online: $39.95

Safety standard: conform to all safety standards

Suitable for kids age: 2+ years

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The First Series of Black Barbie Dolls Advent


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Black Barbie Dolls

Designer Stacey Maiyi and Her Black Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls have become the craze all over the world Since half a century ago, and has almost become the favorite of girls in the world, as well as become a symbol of women in the United States.

However, almost all Barbie dolls are blond, blue-eyed white. Recently, a designer launched a series of black Barbie dolls, with more fullness lips, wider nose, and more prominent cheekbones, which will be the first time toy maker Mattel to sell non-white Barbie dolls.

The designer Stacey Maiyi herself is also a black, she hoped to create a series of dark-skinned Barbie dolls. She said: “I want my daughter and all dark-skinned children in the world can see their own shadow on these Barbie dolls, so that they will know that black is also a beauty.”

Stacy’s design includes brown, chocolate and light brown and etc colored Barbie dolls, all of them were been designed into figures of having been educated as well as have professional thoughts. Public opinion believe that these black Barbie dolls will become models of black women; but there are also some other voices: ”these dolls are not black enough”.

In addition, over the years Barbie dolls have caused much criticisms for their unrealistic body style (long legs, slender waist and big breasts), so some people expressed their worry that the black Barbie dolls will also cause complications to black girls on their own body shape.

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The U.S. First Lady – Michelle Obama Doll will Be available Soon (down)


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Kids Toy Online - Michelle Obama Doll2
Mr. Feinberg (founder of Jailbreak Toys) said, this Michael Barbie doll is equipped with three suits of clothes: The first suit is a purple one-piece dress worn by Michael in the presidential campaign to accompany her husband, the second suit is a set of black and red evening dress, Michael worn it on the night of the president inauguration; The third suit is a set of black and white dress, Michael worn it appeared at the American women favorite talk show “Viewpoint”.

Although the style of these three suits is different, but there is one thing in common: all of them are armless dress.

Kids Toy Online - Michelle Obama Doll3

In 2008, “Jailbreak Toys” had launched an “Obama doll”, which has been sold 200,000 so far. Feinberg commented that, compared with the superman feelings revealed and showed by the “Obama doll”, “Michelle doll” looked more beautiful and elegant.

Although this doll has not on the market yet, but it has been considered promising. And someone has forecasted that the “Michelle doll” will be bound to be more popular than the “Obama dolls”.

As early as in January of this year, leading U.S. toy maker Ty Inc. has launched their new dolls “Sweet Sasha” and “Extraordinary Maria”, whose name are fabulously same with two daughters of the Obama couples.

For this coincidence, the company spokesman explained that the doll was not designed to take “the first daughters” as the prototype. The White House was very dissatisfied with this, and the spokesman of White House declared that: “We believe that take young children as the target of the marketing practice is very inappropriate.”

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