2010 Hot Toy! – Playwell Tabletop Basketball Game Toy


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Playwell Tabletop Basketball Game Toy


PassBall, shooting and defending are fully controlled by yourself, the kids only to press different number key, thus to control the basketball freely. and two kids play against each other will make the game more inciting, and to see who is the champion indeed.

The basement of the toy is made of sound polyresin, the outer part is a transparent glass cover, thus to guarantee the ball will not fly out. when they are two kids playing against, each kids will have 8 group numbers to control the ball at all directions, and the ball will be shoot out after a knock.

You can play this basketball game toy both indoor and outdoor, and it will be more fun when two kids playing together.


Series No.: 012062

Toy Brand: Playwell

Material: Quality palstic

Size: 31*16*11.5cm

Color: Colored

Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Suitable for kids age: 3+ years old

Quality Stand: ISO9000/14000S and environment-friendly absolutely, parents may take your minds at rest…

Brand Brief:

Playwell – The biggest toy maker in Hong Kong, whose products are mainly produced target for kids in pre-school ages and baby toys, toys will help kids study when playing games, as well as increasing intelligence while playing. Playwell toy take advantage of music, sports and all kinds of activity skill to excersie the flexibility and coordination ability the two hands of your kids, and to open their creation inspirations. Playwell Toys are good at color machment, and can give small kids good appeal to colors.

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Crazy Toy – Mario Composed of 40000 Lego Bricks


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Crazy Toy – Mario Composed of 40000 Lego Bricks


Recently, after official verification by the United States Lego Toy Company, the world’s biggest Lego model of Mario has taken birth. This Mario model is constructed with more than 40,000 Lego bricks is 5.9 feet (2 meters) high, and weight more than 110 lbs (about 50 kg), the finished model now is available on Ebay and sale for 5000 U.S. dollars (equivalent to RMB 34,000 Yuan), and the derived income will be fully donated to a charitable institution in Netherlands.

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Do your Kids Write Thank-you Notes?


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Now that the holidays are behind us, our home is once again full of toys, and perennial pressure about thank-you notes.

First, the toys. In the past, we tried to encourage our children to get rid of some of their stuff by donating a toy or two before bringing something new into the house.

Until recently we had been trying the toy box approach, storing the dolls, stuffed animals, barn, school bus, knick-knacks, cars and many other items all in one big box. However, it seemed that things would fall to the bottom, never to be seen again. Or something would get lost, a lament would rise up, and we’d have to excavate the entire contents. It wasn’t working.

I also started a “toy library” by collecting all the clutter — the stuffed animals, superheroes, cars, Legos, — and asking the kids to return a toy to a section of the basement before “checking out” something different.

Both strategies worked for a while, but I wasn’t able to stay on top of the toy management. The toys in the giveaway box also disappeared and somehow assimilated back into the mess.

I’ve also tried to discourage relatives from giving my kids more stuff, but it’s not always easy.

What do you do at your house to reduce the clutter?

Now, to those thank-you notes. At my house, gift-opening can be chaotic. As much as I try to get my kids to pace themselves, they end up ripping through boxes and gift wrap so quickly that it’s sometimes hard for me to keep track of who gave what.

As a result, I haven’t been very good at having them write thank you cards. It’s a poor excuse, I know.

In years past, if I didn’t take notes or if the gift opening got a little too crazy, I still wrote thank you cards on behalf of my kids that were a little generic in nature. But now that they’re older, I feel as though they should be writing their own notes, even if it’s just a picture they’ve drawn.

In a recent column, Miss Manners chastised a mom who complained about having to slow things down by making her kids pause after each gift they opened. That way, they can tell her what they got and from whom so they can write very specific thank-you notes, as requested by their grandmother.

“It was torture,” the mom wrote.

Miss Manners told her the kids shouldn’t be tearing into the gifts and yes, they should be more conscious of the gift-giver by taking notes.

I still wondering if anyone else out there would like to share ideas or helpful feedback to our department of toy management…

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