The Coolest Mini Remote Control Toy – Super Mario Go-Kart Set


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The Coolest Mini Remote Control Toy – Super Mario Go-Kart Set

Super Mario is to live by feeding on mushrooms, who is a world-famous superstar. Characterized by a big size nose, wearing a hat and a piece of braces dungaree, also bearded.

Companied with his twin brother Luigi, Super Mario acted as signboad roles of Nintendo for years.

Recently Takara Tomy launched a new version of Super Mario Kart named as ‘Choro Q Hybrid’ is a super mini remote control car, the set of go-kart included a set of “Mario Kart Wii” series mini-cars, track trace and a set of props system your can used in the game.

The props in the game of super Mario go kart including mushrooms, tortoise shells, banana peels, etc. Morever there are indicator lights on the remote controller, which is used for indicating which prop the kart are owned now. Props are worked for vehicles, so you can see the cart go ahead straightly will sprint after eating mushrooms.. The kart toy set vehicles including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Kuba and Wario.

This remote control car has no better way to make players understand the current props owned by the car, so it used indicator light to issue indications, at the same time, aside from direction buttons there is buttons for props using. Owning to such a design, the toy owned more feelings originated from the original game. Now to forget the 3D TV, players, the infrared Mario model is the real future!

— Brief of Game Roles—

Mario, well-known, can drive cars and motorcycles with ease!

Wario, rival of Mario, can drive his rivals far behind with its forthright driving force.

Yoshi, good partner of Mario. although riding by Mario is the special skill of Yoshi, but in fact, Yoshi is very amazing at driving race car, too!

Kuba, the majorest enemy of Mario.


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