CooLoo Undersea World Launched New Toys made of Nano Particles


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Summer is the off-season of plush toys, but the CooLoo Underwater World promoted a series of high quality toys made of Nano particles timely, thus bring this hot summer bits of coolness.

It is understood that nano toys is a type of new environment friendly toy, also known as bubble toys, particle toys, negative ion toys, which is soft, flexible, not deformed easily.

Now let’s appreciate with some pieces of Nano toys launched by the CooLoo Undersea World:

Seal A-Fu


Ingenuous seal A-Fu, as if the name of itself can bring you good fortune. Withits fine quality of a high-level toy, you can use it not only as a cushion, but also make your home living life become more lively and interesting.

Tortoise DuoDuo


According to the introduction of the designer, the Nano toy Tortoise DuoDuo was not designed with bright colors as the previous series of toys, the main reason is it is designed for customers living life in summer.

As to improve the quality of living life, all toys are designed to suitable more customers’ home life.

More Nano Toys:



Nipple Peach

Shy PaPa

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