BABY Rabbit: The Loved Fairy in Dreams


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BABY Rabbit: The Loved Fairy in Dreams

Little Rabbit, White and White,

Two ears put up,

Love to eat radishes and vegetables.

You are my baby, my favorite!

BABY Rabbit Archives:

Birthday: June 8

Physical characteristics: the whole body white

Characters: Pure, kind, brave, strong, understanding, caring
BABY rabbit stand for different dream of each person, one for each is uniqie!

The cute BABY rabbit is waiting for her owner to take her home, as long as the master make much of it carefully, her will assist you to complete your dream finally.

The Designer’s Words:

“Adopt a blank version of BABY rabbit, then DIY it yourself, and pass your life and dreams to your love.”

More about BABY Rabbit:

Made of green vinyl material, will be soften under heating conditions, has multiple plasticity.

Nontoxic, no harm to the body.

Suitable for Kids age: 3+ years

Recommended Brand Work:

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