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baby supplies

Article by Ike Ani

With all of the planning that goes into a baby shower, the most important items on your list needs to be the baby shower supplies. When some people think about baby shower supplies, they think of paper plates, napkins and cups. What they are forgetting is that baby shower supplies consist of everything that you will need for the party.

While you will need plates, napkins and cups, you may also need balloons, table coverings, a banner and a baby album to keep your baby shower memories in. You can add games, markers and decorations to your list of baby shower supplies. Even your guest list can be considered one of your baby shower supplies.

Without it, you can’t possibly know how much of the rest of the baby shower supplies that you will need!

Favors are an important item on your list of baby shower supplies. Favors can be as simple as Jordan almonds placed in plastic baby booties or a tulle round tied with ribbon.

They can also be personalized by making the new mom’s favorite cookies and wrapping them up in colorful plastic wrap. An old standby baby shower favor is pastel colored mints in a clear topped tin.

Even your invitations and thank you cards are considered baby shower supplies. Who would ever know about the baby shower without an invitation? And how would the new mom thank her guest for their company at the party celebrating the new life that she is bringing into the world?

Once your menu is decided, the foods that you will need to purchase or make and bring to the shower are baby shower supplies, too. You will need beverages, chips, dips, fruit, main dishes, desserts and a cake.

Interesting and less traditional baby shower supplies might include a diaper cake. Diaper cakes are made up to look like a real, tiered cake. They are made from diapers, either disposable or cloth, rolled up and positioned in a circle to form the base of the cake. A smaller circle is created to top the first layer. It is then “decorated” with useful items such as rattles, bottles, diaper pins, lotion and baby toys.

All of those items need to be on your baby shower supplies list, as well. You can even coordinate the diaper cake to match the edible baby shower cake and the theme of the party.

So you can see how a baby shower supplies list is more than just the paper goods that you need for your party.