Top 13 Safety Tips in The Halloween


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You’ve probably heard the same trusty Halloween safety tips since the first time you went trick-or-treating such as don’t go out alone, take a flashlight, don’t eat unwrapped candy, careful with that broomstick around the Jack-O-Lanterns.

These “lucky 13″ safety tips are for parents to share with their trick-or-treaters to prevent injuries at Halloween.

- Plan you route and share it with your family. If possible, have an adult go with you.

- Wear light-colored or reflective type clothing so you are more visible.
(And remember to put reflective tape on bikes, skateboards and brooms, too!)

- Use face paint rather than masks or things that will cover your eyes.

- Cross the street only at corners.

- Look both ways befor crossing the street to check for cars, trucks and low-flying brooms.

- Don’t hide or cross the street between parked cars.

- Walk, slither and sneak on sidewalks; not in the street.

- Carry a flashlight to light your way;

- Only visit homes that have the porch light on.

- Use a light stick instead of a wick! Candles used in pumplinks are a fire hazard. (Also, keep in mind that costumes can be extremely flammable)

- Accept you treats at the door and never go into a stanger’s house.

- Be cautlous of strangers and animals.

- Have a grown-up inspect your treats before eating. And don’t eat candy if the package is already opened. Small, hard pieces of candy are a choking hazard for young children.

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DIY Kids Bicycle – Give Your Children a Childhood with Unlimited Originality!


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Do you have kids in your home ages from three to eight years old? If yes, then you will definitely want to take a look at this DIY kids bicycle: it is assembled with several module planks plus with four small wheels. And the most happy thing is it can be walk on the streets and flow on the highway.

The designer introduced that to assemble this kids bicycle can take wrenches and hammers and other tools away completely, it can be completed by hand, and very sturdy. You can assemble this bicycle together with your children, thus not only exercise their handle ability, but also can develop their intelligence, as well as realize the power of teamwork.

Throw away those dull kids bicycles right now, we need innovative products, creative products. Your Children when they are still small and not to bind them with vulgar binding. Let the flexible and happiness filled with the growth process of your children.


Designer name: Per Brolund

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Fashion Doll Birds – Handmade Dolls Come from South Korea


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Historically, handmade dolls come from South Korea were well-known with their cute design and shapes, they usually have a beautiful face just like an angel, so that people who seen them will be moved by their innocent smiles.

However, when there are some dolls no longer use “cute” to flaunt theirselves but instead of taken a fashion appearance to attract a new interpretation on beauty, and the same time gained love and affections of you.

Everyone Loves Beauty, so enjoy these handmade dolls enwrapped with fine fashion apparels just like to enjoy a big fashion show, and these dolls are all seemed to act as fashion spokespersons and were all vowed to carry out the fashion to the end.

These handmade dolls are seemed to been born for the fashion, their slender figures looked extremely modern as wearing a stylish fashionable dresses. While the breakthroughs on fashion and physique all show they are different with traditional cute dolls all the time. They are so unique in dolls as taking the fashion route. However, does the definition of fashion is full of personalities, in every sense of the word.
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Smartchick Orangutang Intellectual Desktop Game Toy


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Smartchick Orangutang Intellectual Desktop Game Toy

Toy Brand: Smartchick

Weight: 357g

Package size: 29cm*23cm*5.5cm

Accessories: one game board, ten pairs of orangutangs, one guidance book and 32 pieces task cards.

Suitable for kids age: 6+ years

Suitable numbers of player: 2-4 kids

Price on sale: RMB 55.00

Game Play: To find the correct orangutang on the game board with corresponding terms described on the task card.

Rules of the Game: When the turn comes to the game player, the player must reverse three pairs of orangutans in different tree holes, After three chances, if the orangutan group you find has met the conditions described on the task card, you win this task card!

This is an interesting game toy which is able to challenge your memory!

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Perfect Kids Toy Gift for This Summer Vacation — Kids Powered Air Rockets


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Kids Powered Air Rockets  


Who doesn’t love bubbles and what kid doesn’t enjoy stomping around outside?


What if you could combine the excitement of a stomp rocket and the classic giggle fun of bubbles into one really cool kid powered stomp/bubble device?


Oh wait, Funrise already did that – with this kids powered air rockets, somewhere named as ‘Gazillion Bubble Rocket’.


The rocket toy comes unassembled and includes an 8oz. bottle of Gazillion bubbles. It took the Crew literally a minute and a half to put the rocket together, fill with bubble liquid, and get stomping. And stomp they did.


Bubbles are just for little ones, right? Wrong! All ages enjoyed playing. The best results we had were from our moderate stompers, who produced a steady high flying rocket with a solid trail of bubbles. The heavy footed stompers sent our rocket to the moon, but had barely any bubbles. And our tiny tappers only made it up a few feet, with a few bubbles.


We were surprised at how well it actually did work, because so many bubble accessories look like they will add a cool new twist to bubble blowing, then wind up being disappointing. This simple yet wonderful design really works!


We did get quite a bit of spray from the rocket as it took flight, but no one really cared much. Bubbles are an outside, often messy play experience anyway. (The stomp rocket can be used with or without the bubble solution if you’d like.)


In short, the Kids Powered Air Rockets is a real blast, but is a fun educational experience, as well.


Kid-powered air rockets are an excellent example of learning through play. Your kids won’t have the slightest idea that they are absorbing the basic fundamentals of force and aerodynamics, cause and effect and, of course, the science of bubbles.


What’s more, this perfect summer gift toy gets your kids playing outside and helps enhance large motor skills, thinking, and problem solving. Did we mention enjoying lots of laughs? Or generally having a grand ole time with the Kids Powered Air Rockets? We certainly do.


Kids Toy: Gazillion Bubble Rocket


Supplier: Funrise Toy Inc.


Suitable for kids age: 6+ years


Price for sale online: $16.99US


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The Most Lovable Robot Toy for Kids II – “Murata Urchin” Wheelbarrow Robot


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 “Murata Urchin” Wheelbarrow Robot


This smart and cute wheelbarrow robot was developed by Murata Manufacturing House, one of electronics parts manufacturers in Japan, and they named it as “Murata Urchin”.


The pure white robot, who is more than 50 centimeters tall and weighs 5 kg can carries the device that providing itself power of operating, who is riding on a bike, and can not only move forward as well as walk backward evenly, but also can discover obstacles automatically, because there are sensors equipped in its body, so that the robot toy can bypass barriers automatically.


In addition, this “Murata Urchin” robot toy is also has a built-in Bluetooth and a built-in camera, which help him to transfer real-time video successfully.


Now even more interesting, this “Murata Urchin” robot toy can make expressions that nailed his eyes on a certain object as well as lovable and delightful…


Suitable for kids age: 6+ years


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