Handmade Waldorf Doll – A Perfect Gift for Little Girls


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Handmade Waldorf Doll

Here handmade dolls are designed exclusively according to the need of the customers. You can check the wide range of dolls that are offered here. The Waldorf doll is available in three different sizes as per the age of the child and also customer requirement. For babies, small sized doll will be appropriate while you can also order the medium or large sized doll. The doll will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 weeks from the day you place the order. Here the dolls are made with intense care to give the best product. The dolls are also given names to help in placing order. You can also specify the color, dress, hair colors, hair style, nose and other features of the doll if you wish to gift a customized doll to your kid.

You can also make your own waldorf doll easily if you have a knack for cutting and creative works. The instructions and guidelines for making the doll is available at the website too.

Firstly for making your own doll, it is very essential to decide the size.

Next decide the fabrics that will be used. It can be silk which gives a shinny effect or it can be cotton which is simple and also less expensive.

Next you will need wool, ribbon, flannel, needle, pins, gum and strings.

The costume of the Waldorf is very important as it will be the main highlight.

So, cut squares, rectangle and sew designs together to make a wonderful dress for the doll. The color of the hair can be brown, golden or black.

Hair will be made using wool and so you can make various hairstyles too. The body of the doll can be filled with wool or synthetic cotton as per your choice.

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Best Ride-On Toy for Kids – Ybike Kicker


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Whatever you’re searching and shopping for- a gift for a toddler or a teen, or for a birthday or a bar mitzvah-look for a toy that promotes physical fitness and play. Sometimes a new game or toy is just the push a child needs to really get active. The below ride on bike is the best one for toddlers and preschoolers kids whether for active play or fitness.

Whether she’s learning to walk, ride a bike, or maneuver her first scooter, your child will get a kick out of these cool ride-on toys. From baby beginners to capable kindergartners, there is something here for every little one. Play in the backyard or take them to and from preschool or the park to add active play to your child’s day.

The makers of the super cool-looking Ybike balance bike (see below) also created this tough little scooter. Thanks to its large rubber wheels, strong tread, low center of gravity, and light weight, it’s just right for beginning riders (ages 2 to 5; maximum weight 66 pounds).

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Great Learning Games for Kids: Typing Practice – Colors


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Learning typing is the focus of these keyboarding games. Learning keyboarding skills is vital for today’s learners and tomorrow’s earners. These free typing games are a great way to build typing skills. Keyboarding games teach important skills through a variety of online typing lessons and typing games….. oh yeah, they’re fun!

After you’ve learned the proper finger placement, adding speed and accuracy is the goal. This is game 1 of 4 of the Speedy Typer Typing Practice free typing keyboarding games. In this game, you will type color words that are made up of 3 – 6 letters. Game two will bring in longer words about sports, while games 3 and 4 expand to animals and capital words of states. It will be a workout for your fingers as well as a lot of fun and all to help strengthen your keyboarding skills.

Now please go to this page directly to play this great kids learning game online free!

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New 3D Natural Wooden Puzzles


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When it is too hot to go outside, or maybe even raining you will want to have on hand new 3d natural wooden puzzles to give your kids.  Natural wood puzzles by ImagiPLAY are safe wooden kids toys and include a free pallet of paint.  Choose from several animals and discover our abc and number puzzles also.

Your kids will spend hours playing with this set of Safari themed wooden blocks toys! Each animal is a separate toy in itself and easy for a 2 plus year old child to handle. These animals are easy to pick up and grasp and may be a good toy for a child with low muscle strength.

The unique design and colorful figures will encourage kids to pick up and grasp each animal. Each block is proportional and is designed to look like a colorful animal. The 10 piece block set can be used like traditional wood blocks for stacking, or as a playset for imaginative play and story-telling.

Safari blocks store neatly inside supplied wooden tray. These safari stacking wood blocks and are a perfect wooden learning toy for ages two and up.

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Hello Kitty Debut on the Cover of ELLE Taiwan


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Sanrio’s head honcho is cute-ifying some fashion mag covers this month.

A life-size Hello Kitty (with feet and everything!) graces the cover of Elle Taiwan this month, posing in fancy couture for two different covers in honor of the publication’s 20th anniversary.

To us, these jumbo kitties seem a little … creepy? We asked one of our fashion friends who lives in Taiwan to weigh in:

Well, it’s not that weird for us, because we already have like, a Hello Kitty hospital, Hello Kitty airplanes, Hello Kitty TVs and toasters and we have Hello Kitty hotels and hotels with Hello Kitty suite. The only thing about it that strikes me as weird is that Elle is more…highbrow, whereas the Hello Kitty hotels, etc., in Taiwan are seen as gimmicky. So I’m not sure how that will go over.

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Roll Chair Designed for Children, Kids Favorite Toy


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When I see the design of this children chair, I think of my little niece who is only 2 year old now, because when I visited her home, on the wall, quilts and even on the display screen of computer, her autographs have been left on here and there, so maybe if they have such a paper roll chair, whatever she want to painted on, the family members will never worried about her doodle, and perhaps it will create a young artist in future.

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