Barbie "She Said Yes" Doll Giftset Now $5


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The Barbie “She Said Yes” Doll Giftset commemorates the rekindled relation of Barbie and Ken. After breaking up in 2004, the two famous dolls are now reunited in the new Valentines special Barbie called the Barbie “She Said Yes” Doll Giftset. Apart from fans excitement over the two dolls getting ‘back together’ moms and dads will be pleased at the super low price of $5 per set too. The Barbie “She Said Yes” Doll Gift set includes a Barbie and Ken doll dressed in vintage swimsuites from 1961 and the 1959 zebra print Barbie swimsuit.

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Petit Pierrot Resin Statue


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Well known as a Fantasy comics artist and book covers painter, Alberto Varanda is also the father of a very different kind of character : neither a dragon, nor a warrior, just a poetic tiny boy, Petit Pierrot, created by the Portuguese artist for his successful blog and also published as graphic novels (the first one is nominated for the 2011 Angoulême awards).

This little boy is a dreamer, whose “mind is on the moon”, and who talks to… a snail about life!

The Attakus workshop has been able to capture the essence of Petit Pierrot’s personality: he’s so adorable with his clever friend the snail!! Such a cute gift!!

Now Attakus is teaming up with Alberto Varanda (Portuguese artist) to bring his Petit Pierrot character to resin form.

I really love the look of this cute little dreamer boy as he talks to his snail friend. It stands in at 3.7″ tall and is limited to a run of 1,500 pieces. Look for this guy to begin shipping in February 2011 and retail for 49.90 € (about $67).

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Lalaloopsy Pets


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Lalaloopsy Button Tails are the new edition to the kids toyLalapoosy doll collection.Lalaloopsy Pets can be customised and come with intercangable body parts much like the kids toyMonster High Pets.

Lalaloopsy Pets include: Lalaloopsy Button Tails Cat and Lalaloopsy Button Tails Mouse. Lalaloopsy Pets reatil fom $14.99.

Fisher Price IXL Review and the way to Obtain a Discount with this Toy


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Parents will always be researching ways to help their kids figure out how to read, plus this Fisher Price IXL review, you will find out how this toy can help your young ones accomplish that and even more! This new interactive toy for kids ages 3-7 isn’t just a great way to boost reading skills, just about all has other functions which will keep the kiddos busy learning all day!

Exactly what do this System Offer Children?

The Fisher Price IXL has a great deal to provide. The very first thing you will see about this is the fact that it’s similarities towards the Vtech VReader. Just like the VReader, the iXL Interactive Learning System teaches children the fundamentals of reading while enhancing the quantity of words within their vocabulary. However the digital book reader features is when the similarities end. The iXL model has additional features that the children will cherish! As an example, this toy includes a integrated Music player? Your children can in fact tune in to a common tunes while accessing one other applications!

The iXL even offers an art form studio application for kids in addition to a photo viewer. Children will love combining both of these features as they possibly can upload family photos and “tweak” them by applying surface of them. This really is built to get the kiddo’s creativity flowing. Although your young ones remember considerations by writing them within the Note Pad application, nevertheless they also can download and play their best games onto it too!

Besides the six great benefits you’ve already find out about, you with thankful to understand there are still more! The iXL comes preloaded with software, however , you also can download additional data for instance pictures, music and stories onto this system. It features a spot for an SD storage device, headphone jack along with a integrated speaker. You can understand why the iXL Interactive Learning System may be the ultimate learning toy for the kids.

How to choose the iXL Interactive Learning System

I know that reading this Fisher Price IXL review, you’re wondering ways you can get a whole lot with this toy. Well, the holiday season is closer than you think, which can be very good news for you personally because many stores are experiencing sales today. No doubt you can buy the iXL Interactive Learning System to get, however , if you need to have it in a low price, you’ll need to look online. There are numerous trusted online retailers which are offering bargains on toys – as well as the iXL is not any exception. However, to maximise your savings, ensure you not merely have it in a low price but that you simply locate a seller that’s offering free freight also!

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Fisher Price IXL Review and the way to Obtain a Discount with this Toy

Top ten Xmas Gifts For Family members


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Exactly what do people give for Christmas and therefore are those presents different from thirty or 40 years ago? Naturally, you can find games about since did not exist thirty or four decades ago. Within this piece, I’d like to consider a glance at many of the most popular Christmas gifts of them all. They’re not in different particular order, merely while they eventually me

# 1: the top desirable Christmas gift for sons and fathers for pretty much a century will be the train set. There were toy train sets for upwards of a century, however they were rather very costly for working class households until in regards to the 1950′s. You can still find more boys and fathers wanting train sets than mothers and daughters. A great train set can last decades and appreciate in value.

Number 2: a rocking horse. All children like rocking horses. Girls and boys; girls manage to retain their desire for horses longer than boys do, in Europe anyway. This present has endurance lasting for many years even though it’s used by lots of siblings. An excellent rocking horse could be passed on generations.

Number 3: doll’s houses and toy forts. All kids enjoy playing with whether dolls’ house and dolls or perhaps a fort and soldiers. A Wendy House along with a tree house will be in this bracket too. You will see children everywhere accross the planet building make-believe houses and copying their parents’ life.

Number 4: dolls; both sexes enjoy having fun with dolls of just one kind or another: bears, rag dolls, action men, Barbie and Ken as well as toy soldiers are typical dolls

Number 5: a doll’s pram remains a huge favourite with little girls – imitating mum transporting her baby about. Likewise toy pedal cars, which can be well-liked by young boys and little girls alike.

Number 6: bikes and tricycles may also be well-liked with children spanning various ages. We may actually all provide an early need to travel with a speed faster than walking pace.

Number 7: games happen to be well-liked for centuries. Roman soldiers utilized to play a casino game much like ludo and chess ‘s been around for roughly provided that that too. Today, you can find a huge selection of other games too, many of which are becoming classics already. A few of the games which have been popular ever since they were developed are: Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo and Risk there are wide ranging more besides that too.

Number 8: cards. The initial games of cards were the majority of gambling games or might be gambled on, however for decades there has been children’s decks of cards designed to create some children’s games like Snap and Happy Families more standard and much more fun.

Number 9: shoot-’em-ups. Boys have usually loved shooting. First cork guns or toy bows and also arrows or toy crossbows; then air guns, then paint ball and real guns.

Number 10: costumes; Children want to decorate, whether girls clothe themselves in mum’s clothing and boys dress as Batman; girls dress as nurses or boys dress as Superman, all kids decorate at some point or other within their lives.

For this set of classical toys, you can include the contemporary number ones like computers and gaming machines, however they are about for thirty or 40 years already too.

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HELLO KITTY New Dressing Up at The Year of Rabbit


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As a representative of Japanese cute culture, HELLO KITTY, 36 years old, is still loved by people all around the world, and in order to let people love this cute kitten time for time, Sanrio company, the owner of HELLO KITTY are constantly changing The image of a kitten.

Now, in order to meet the new year 2011, the zodiac year of the Rabbit, HELLO KITTY launched a rabbit costumed party, and changed into a variety of bunnies and go around players.

HELLO KITTY Pink Lop-Ear Bunny Cushion



HELLO KITTY Leopard-Stripe Bunny Cushion

This kitten have their own hobbies, she like listen fairy tales, like collecting various of beautiful and lovely decorations, there are candies, little stars, small goldfish, especially various of bowknots,  and she also like to go to park or forests with many of her good friends.

HELLO KITTY Black Bunny Girl Doll


HELLO KITTY Black Bunny Design Hanging


Now HELLO KITTY no longer are kids toy,  HELLO KITTY has successfully occupied the adult market. She let adults received a new cartoon, this is the reason for enduring HELLO KITTY.

HELLO KITTY Bunny Girl Cushion


HELLO KITTY Cute Pink Bunny Doll

This little kitten image which originally appeared on a cheap plastic wallet, now has become a puppy eyed idol all around the world and has earned too much, and since these 30 years, this kitten without a mouth keeps smile, become the most ease partner and model of kids especially small girls, and when these girls grown up and become mothers, they will still love this kitten same as their daughters.

* Original address of this kids toypost: We Are Cool Toy Soldiers (Kids Toy Store Online)