Kids Favorite Seat – Cute Bambi Chair


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The following Bambi chair is undoubtedly has caught everyone’s eyes firmly – it is too cute! The design inspiration of Bambi chair is comes from the deer and other woodland animals, the designer combine the image of deers with chairs into one, and produced this Bambi chair which has antlers as its backrest, and take its back dotted with unique spots as its cushion in the end. This looks so soft haired and too cute chair was completed finally by Kaminac.

This chair is 400mm long, 260mm wide and 300mm high, in small size, and most of kids shall like this toy-like small ‘Bambi’

The design is come from this year’s Tokyo Designers Week, it designer Takeshi Sawada come from Japan designed this ‘Bambi’ seat for Kaminac.


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