DIY Kids Bicycle – Give Your Children a Childhood with Unlimited Originality!


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Do you have kids in your home ages from three to eight years old? If yes, then you will definitely want to take a look at this DIY kids bicycle: it is assembled with several module planks plus with four small wheels. And the most happy thing is it can be walk on the streets and flow on the highway.

The designer introduced that to assemble this kids bicycle can take wrenches and hammers and other tools away completely, it can be completed by hand, and very sturdy. You can assemble this bicycle together with your children, thus not only exercise their handle ability, but also can develop their intelligence, as well as realize the power of teamwork.

Throw away those dull kids bicycles right now, we need innovative products, creative products. Your Children when they are still small and not to bind them with vulgar binding. Let the flexible and happiness filled with the growth process of your children.


Designer name: Per Brolund

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Handmade Waldorf Doll – A Perfect Gift for Little Girls


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Handmade Waldorf Doll

Here handmade dolls are designed exclusively according to the need of the customers. You can check the wide range of dolls that are offered here. The Waldorf doll is available in three different sizes as per the age of the child and also customer requirement. For babies, small sized doll will be appropriate while you can also order the medium or large sized doll. The doll will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 weeks from the day you place the order. Here the dolls are made with intense care to give the best product. The dolls are also given names to help in placing order. You can also specify the color, dress, hair colors, hair style, nose and other features of the doll if you wish to gift a customized doll to your kid.

You can also make your own waldorf doll easily if you have a knack for cutting and creative works. The instructions and guidelines for making the doll is available at the website too.

Firstly for making your own doll, it is very essential to decide the size.

Next decide the fabrics that will be used. It can be silk which gives a shinny effect or it can be cotton which is simple and also less expensive.

Next you will need wool, ribbon, flannel, needle, pins, gum and strings.

The costume of the Waldorf is very important as it will be the main highlight.

So, cut squares, rectangle and sew designs together to make a wonderful dress for the doll. The color of the hair can be brown, golden or black.

Hair will be made using wool and so you can make various hairstyles too. The body of the doll can be filled with wool or synthetic cotton as per your choice.

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