The Most Welcomed Kids Toy in 2009 — Transformer (Movie 2 Voyager Grade Red Spider)


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The Most Welcomed Kids Toy in 2009 — Transformer (Movie 2 Voyager Grade Red Spider)

Transformers are popular in the world for 20 years, it is one of the best sale toys in the market, the first generation of Transformers was issued in 1984, its own uniqueness is the robot can be transformed into small cars, planes, rockets, or animals, so they are welcomed greatly by boys.


Then different patterns and sizes were been launched continuously, whose components changes and molding capability strengthened, thus to enhance its difficulty and interests. And robot was transformed into different types of vehicles, possess more unique and flexible designs…Through transforms of robots to train kids thinking in a flexible manner.


2009, Transformers Movie 2 landed on the market fully, and then caused a new shopping trend.


2009 is the 25th anniversary of the Transformers, and film 2’s run as another gift to commemorate the anniversary, toys issued this time still conformed to characters in movie 2, compared with movie 1, movie 2 version transformer toys added more figures, and pay more attention to design of details, so kids can recall detailed scenes and clips of movie 2 when they playing with it.



Toy Brand: Hasbro


Price: RMB 259.00


Origin: China Guangdong


Toy Material: Plastic


Model No.: H8397289163


Series: Transformers


Suitable for kids age: 5 years+  


Technical Certification: GB6675-2003


Market Date: 2009


Safety Warnings:


1. The toy contains small parts and not suitable for kids under ages of three.


2. This toy product can not bearing boiling and burning.


3. There are important info printed on the outer package, please keep it properly.


4. Deal with the plastic packing bag properly and keep it far away from from children.


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