Frisby: iPhone Remote Control Toy Helicopter


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AR.Drone: iPhone Remote Control Toy Helicopter

A British company has created a toy helicopter that can be controlled by the iPhone.

The four-propeller helicopter is controlled by software installed on the iPhone. The player has a view from inside the helicopter cabin displayed on their iPhone screen. When the player tilts or moves the phone, the helicopter changes direction accordingly.

The new technology also utilizes the iPhone’s camera technology for live-action flying.

This is definitely the coolest toy you’ve ever seen, this is AR.Drone, a remote control helicopter from outer space. It can be controlled via WiFi, as well as iPhone or iPod Touch. Through the security camera installed on the helicopter, images can also be transported to the screen of your iPhone.

Suitable for kids age: 5+ years

* Original address of this kids toy post: We Are Cool Toy Soldiers (Kids Toy Store Online)

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