The Smallest Robot in the World – Robo-Q


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The Smallest Robot in the World – Robo-Q

The Smallest Robot in the World – Robo-Q

Robots have been giving us the impression of tall and big, a Japanese toy manufacturer now looked for other way and produce the Robo-Q – as known as the world’s smallest intelligent robot.

This robot is only 3.4 centimeters tall, just as high as a coin, and your palm can be used as its martial arts field, and make some exercise on. All though the size of Robo-Q is small, it owned super ability of response and distinguish.

Robo-Q is very sensitive and he can detect the surroundings and keep away from obstacles around him. Under the tracking mode, he is able to track moving objects. Put a small ball in front of him, he will also marched with split steps to it, and push the ball go around.

Compared with the mini Robo-Q, the remote controller is rather huge, but it can be dual-used, the same time it is also a charger. Robo-Q can be attached to the charging side to the remote control to recruit power, as under the tracking mode, Robo-Q will also be able to walk toward to the charger automatically to make a power recharge.

During stops of playing, the Robo-Q can also be placed into the remote controller to “have a rest.”

Suitable for kids age: 5+ years

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